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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Nov 24, 2023

How to Uncover and Optimize Your GMB Website for SEO Success

In this episode of Local SEO Tactics, host Jesse Dolan guides you through the intricacies of unlocking and utilizing your Google Business Profile (GBP) website. Despite Google's recent de-emphasis, your GMB website still holds SEO value, and Jesse unveils the steps to access, manage, and optimize it for enhanced online visibility. Tune in and watch as Jesse takes you through the steps to uncover your hidden GMB website. Don't miss out on another opportunity to elevate your online presence and boost your business!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why using your Google Business Profile website can significantly contribute to enhancing your online visibility and overall SEO strategy
  • How to navigate through the Google Business Profile dashboard, view the source code, and extract the essential data to unlock your website
  • When to leverage your GMB website to boost your online presence, including publishing updates, adding links, and connecting the dots with your GBP

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