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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Apr 25, 2018

Use Online Reputation Management To Drive More Traffic and Improve Your SEO!

Online reviews are very important, not only for helping to build trust with potential customers, but also as it relates to the overall SEO of your website.

From Google, Facebook, and Yelp, to Angies List, the BBB, and many more…customers can...

Apr 18, 2018

Learn How To Use Improved Call Handling Strategies To Charge More For Your Services!

As a local service business, it can be annoying when you get price shopper phone calls.  However, the reality is that we are ALL price shoppers!

Don't shy away from giving price quotes and estimates over the phone, because that is what...

Apr 11, 2018

Use Call Tracking Software To Gain Insights and Increase Customer Conversions

A key component to any marketing strategy is trackability.

One area that is often overlooked by local businesses is tracking the number of phone calls that come in.  This is a huge mistake!  However, it is pretty easy to solve with a...

Apr 2, 2018

Spy On Your Competitions Keyword Strategy

Have you ever wondered what your local competitors are going after, regarding their website and keyword targeting strategy?

Believe it or not, there is a whole host of services out there just waiting to help you find the answer!

In this episode we'll go over some of these tools,...