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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Nov 17, 2023

Whiskey-Fueled Insights for SEO Excellence and Online Impact

Join us in Part 2 of our conversation with Michael Rayburn, as we get into online dominance with a glass of whiskey by our side. Jesse and Michael talk about ranking factors for GBPs, user signals, and the transformative impact of directories on SEO rankings. Alongside discussions on A player hires, staying ahead with marketing trends, and fostering good karma in the industry, this episode provides a roadmap for SEO success. Tune in now as we toast to actionable insights that promise to redefine your approach to SEO success!

What You'll Learn

  • What impacts GBP rankings and how utilizing directories can significantly enhance online visibility
  • Why it matters that Google indexes citation links is due to their pivotal role in backlinks
  • How the significance of clear website intent aligns with your GBP is important for growth

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