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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

May 1, 2020

In this episode Jesse and Bob share thoughts and ideas that are working to keep businesses afloat during this coronavirus pandemic.  It's always important to listen to your customers to identify their pain points, their motivations, and their desires - and that is even more amplified right now.  By quickly adapting your business, and communicating these adaptations clearly online and on social media, you can continue to serve your customers and maybe even thrive in the current marketplace.  Leverage technology and your human resources to change now, setting your business up for maximum success now and also for the future.

What You’ll Learn
  • Ways that businesses are pivoting their digital marketing for the coronavirus pandemic
  • Google reviews are still paused by Google, so new reviews are not showing
  • The questions and answers section of Google My Business is also temporarily down
  • Keep using the available GMB features, like posts and photos to communicate
  • Make sure you communicate your business open status front and center online
  • If you have downtime and extra labor, you can focus on producing content to improve Google rankings
  • Record videos to showcase your products to customers and leverage the videos online or in emails
  • Show customers what you are doing right now for no-touch service, and how you are being clean
  • Customers are looking online to see what steps your business is taking to be safe during the pandemic
  • Understand your market and how it is shifting today, and make sure you adapt with it to serve customers
  • Look at selling gift certificates to generate revenue now and stay connected with your customers

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