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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

May 2, 2018

How To Decide If You Should Refocus Your Homepage Or Make A New Page To Attack Keywords

In this weeks episode, we dive into a question that was submitted by Patrick, who listens to the Local SEO Tactics podcast.  Patrick was wondering if he should modify his homepage to attack a new keyword target, or if he should create a new page to go after that keyword instead.

We'll break down the options and talk about the various situations in which you may choose path over the other.


  • Which page carries the most weight on your website
  • How Google serves up web pages, not websites, in search results
  • Deciding if you should change your home page or create a new page when going after a new keyword target for your website
  • When you should avoid refocusing your keyword targets on your homepage
  • When it's okay to refocus your keyword targeting on your homepage
  • When you should create a new page to attack a new keyword focus
  • When you should refocus your keyword targeting on an existing page versus creating a new page
  • The danger of deleting pages off your website with out properly informing search engines

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