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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

May 31, 2018

Avoid Over Optimizing Your Website To Maintain High Search Rankings

Yes, it is possible to over optimize your website.  Too much of a good thing can get you in trouble with Google, and impact your search rankings in a big way.

In this episode we answer the question "what is over optimization", and break down some of the tactics and strategies you can use identify and avoid over optimizing your website.


  • How is it possible to over optimize your website?
  • What it means to be over optimized on your website
  • What is keyword stuffing
  • How keyword stuffing can lead to website over optimization
  • Developing your web pages for "user intent" and not just focusing on keywords
  • How to fix and reformat an over optimized web page
  • Mixing in keyword variations on your page to make it SEO friendly and user friendly
  • Methods of reviewing your page to determine if it's too focused on specific keywords
  • Google knows if you are writing your pages for rankings and not for humans to read
  • Quality content and clear communications can get your pages ranked
  • Consider the "user intent" on what your page is communicating

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