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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Jun 1, 2020

Getting back into some direct SEO tactics on this episode, we'll dive into the topic of content silos and using the silo architecture to help you with some SEO gains. Leveraging this strategy can help to build relevancy for your topics, products, and services. We'll break down the basic concept of the content silo so you can implement it on your own website!


  • A content silo technique can potentially help you rank higher for specific search terms and topics
  • Create a strong landing page that you want to rank in Google
  • Develop supporting pages that dive deeper into to topic of your landing page
  • Do not link your landing page to the supporting pages
  • The supporting pages should link to themselves, and to the landing page
  • Each supporting page should be in-depth and specific on one topic that is related to the landing page intent
  • Supporting pages in the silo are not intended to be linked in your main menu or navigational structure
  • All actions on your supporting pages should be pushing users to your landing page