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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Oct 10, 2018

How To Create and Use Category Pages To Improve The SEO On Your Site

Use category pages to boost the SEO on your website!  Category pages are very helpful for multiple reasons.  They are an easy way to produce content on your site, and attack specific keyword or phrases you're trying to rank for.  Category pages can boost your SEO by helping to group relevant web pages together, so Google can understand the products and services you provide and better match them up with the searchers intent.  This approach is also great for your actual human web visitors, too, since it gives them natural navigational hubs to learn more or explore your offerings further.  We'll walk you through some easy ideas and concepts, to help you get started making or improving your own category pages.

What You’ll Learn
  • Using category pages on your website to round up content on similar topics
  • Improve your SEO and search engine rankings with category pages
  • Begin by looking at the type of products and services you offer and put them into groups
  • Come up with the category for each of these groups and create a category page
  • On each category page you will list individual products and services in that group
  • Create the category page with SEO in mind for keywords, URL, title, and h tags
  • Link to the product and service pages from the category page
  • Category pages can be listed in the main menu of your website or other prominent areas
  • Category pages can have call to action (CTA) buttons and other traditional conversion features
  • Treat the category page similar to a landing page because you want to match user intent and convert
  • Putting FAQ's on a category page is an easy way to add more relevant content to the page
  • Add links to the category page from any relevant individual pages, where it makes sense for visitors to follow
  • Update category pages with new content and links when it's created to keep your category page fresh

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