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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Nov 19, 2020

Kyle Roof of PageOptimizer Pro joins us for an interview, talking about improving your SEO with PageOptimizer Pro, and many other things!  Kyle is an amazing SEO industry expert, and shares many valuable nuggets of information that will help you understand Google, and how to apply that understanding to develop and execute your SEO properly.  We talk about how Google actually works, versus how you may think Google works, and how you can use that knowledge to your benefit.  This episode is packed with great information, give it a listen!

What You’ll Learn
  • Kyle cracked the Google algorithm and was able to rank a website using lorem ipsum placeholder text
  • Google is an algorithm and does not read web pages in the same way a human reads them
  • Pay attention to what Google "likes" by checking out your top ranking competitors and see what they are doing
  • Google is looking for certain signals and features on a web page, to understand what the page is about
  • PageOptimizer Pro is a tool that can help you analyze the top competitors and what Google seems to be favoring for page content and signals
  • Whether you are an experienced SEO or just learning, POP can help you improve your rankings
  • Keyword rank tracking is important, but not the best gauge for how effective your SEO is
  • Monitor impressions in Google Search Console and organic traffic in Google Analytics for SEO trends

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