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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

May 22, 2020

How-To videos are hot right now!  With everyone completing their honey-do list at home, learning new hobbies, or just trying to be productive, there has been a surge in views for educational and How-To videos. Take advantage of this and leverage How-To videos on your website!  There are many types of How To videos, and we go through some examples in this episode. Once you have the video, you can leverage it for all sorts of benefits, including transcribing the text, embedding the video into your website, extracting the audio, saving screenshots, and much more!  Enjoy!


  • Use How-To videos on your website to get SEO benefits
  • How-to videos are extremely popular right now
  • There are many types of How-To videos you can produce
  • You can easily create videos, post them to YouTube, and embed them in your web pages
  • Leverage your videos
  • A How-To video does not have to be a DIY video or a tutorial video
  • How To make things or build things are easy videos that you can make if relevant to your business
  • You can make How To videos that guide customers on how to hire services like what you provide
  • Make educational How-To videos to help customers know when to replace or repair items you provide