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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Sep 12, 2018

The Importance of Using Google Questions and Answers on Google Maps and Your GMB Listings

Have you heard of or viewed the Google Questions and Answers area in your Google My Business listing?  This is an area you should be paying attention to!  Anyone with an active Google account can post a question about your business.  Additionally, anyone can also answer that question!  This is pretty cool, but also pretty scary from the standpoint of the business.  Learn how to monitor Google Q&A, how to answer questions in Google Maps via the Q&A area, and how to leverage this to enhance your online exposure.  Learn how to take control of the questions, how to have the best answers, and how to make sure your business content is in your own control.

What You’ll Learn
  • What is the Google Question & Answer feature in the Google My Business listing area
  • Anybody with a Google account can ask a question about your business
  • Anybody with a Google account can answer a question about your business
  • It's possible for people outside of your business to provide price quotes and answer information about pricing
  • There can be multiple answers to any question on Google Questions and Answers about your business
  • If you are registered as the owner of the business, when you answer a question it is tagged with "Business Owner" so the public can distinguish your reply
  • All answers can be upvoted and the answer with the most upvotes will be the answer that is shown for the question
  • Make sure you monitor the questions that are being asked on your GMB so you can provide answers to them
  • You can check to see if you have new questions by going through your GMB listing by clicking the "view in search" or "view in maps" links
  • Leave answers as fast as possible to answer the customers questions and to be the first answer provided
  • Upvote your own answers right away and ask others you know to upvote your answers too
  • Ask your own questions so you can get the information you want up in the Q&A section
  • You can answer your own questions too, to make it a very good FAQ type of area in your GMB


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