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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Aug 26, 2020

A few episodes back we talked about a strategy for creating content silos and how to link those pages together, and also how to link them to your primary or "money" page.  Local SEO Tactics listener Matt asked a question about why this is a tactic, and why it is better to link from a silo page than to a silo page.  In this episode, we answer his question and expand on the topic of silo pages.

  • When it makes sense to link from an inner silo page out to your money page
  • When it makes sense to link from your money page out to an inner page
  • You need to understand the intent of your inner silo pages if they are sales pages or just content pages
  • Be specific and intentional on how you are linking your pages together and the road map you are creating
  • Inner silo pages are generally created for Google, to help them understand your scope of content
  • The inner links you create for your website help show Google your major content areas and what is important