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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Jun 11, 2020

  • In this episode, we interview Scott Hudgins of Core ID Services and Michael Takla of HackNotice about cybersecurity and corporate breaches.  A surprising amount of information can be purchased, shared, or just plain found on the so-called "dark web".  Bad actors can gain access to this information and compromise your company assets, including your website.  Scott and Michael are here to talk about CIA, a new service by Core ID Services, that helps companies to be proactive in the fight against cybersecurity, as well as share some simple and effective best practices that we can all improve upon!  BONUS - Core ID Services is giving away free 30 day trials to all Local SEO Tactics listeners!
    What You’ll Learn
    • Scott Hudgins with Core ID Services and Michael Takla of HackNotice discuss dark web threats
    • Core ID Services provides identity theft protection and cybersecurity services for businesses and individuals
    • Most corporate cybersecurity issues arise from third party vulnerabilities and breaches
    • Over 70% of breaches originate from credentials stolen from a third party
    • Employees that use corporate email addresses for personal account logins can be exposed
    • Being lazy and reusing credentials on multiple services can lead to breaches
    • Most security hacks are lazy, looking for the easy victim, and are not very sophisticated
    • Good security starts with basic personal best practices, like using a password manager app
    • If you know or think any of your account credentials are compromised, you should absolutely change your password
    • Core ID Services can proactively find your information on the dark web, so you can take fast action before you are compromised