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Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

May 16, 2018

Use An XML Sitemap Generator To Create and Auto Update Your Website Sitemaps

Want your pages to show up in Google?  Then you better have a sitemap on your website!

A sitemap, or more specifically, an XML sitemap, is like a roadmap or a table of contents for all of the important pages, posts, and images on your website.  Having an XML sitemap will tell Google, and other search engines, which pages are on your website - so they can know to include them in their search results.

In this episode we'll cover the basics of sitemaps, how to create them, and why you need one!


  • What is a Sitemap for your website
  • What is an XML sitemap
  • What is an HTML sitemap
  • Why you need both HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Easy plugins for WordPress to generate an XML sitemap
  • How to choose what content to include in your sitemap
  • How sitemaps tell Google you have new pages or images on your website
  • How to generate sitemaps on non-WordPress websites
  • Selecting sitemap generators that auto-update

Thanks for Listening!

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